"Tim Gozzano’s knowledge goes far beyond the computer and the network. Tim provides a global approach by not only addressing one issue but considers solutions to improve the overall operation and efficiency of a company."
—Tammy Boxwell, Integrated Construction Solutions

"Frequently our issues are handled remotely and within the hour. Other times, when a site visit is necessary, Tim always shows up ready to tackle the issues. Tim has a professional, likeable personality and with a wealth of knowledge; working with him is a pleasure."
—Susan and Robert Ritter, Ritter Pro Insurance Agency

"Tim has been able to problem solve everything that has come up. His work ethic is exceptional!"
—Irma Martinez, Pacific Pain Physicians

"Tim brings wealth of IT knowledge and fresh ideas to the table and has a work ethic to be envied. His resourcefulness, step-ahead thinking and fun spirit make working with Tim easy and productive."
—Lynn Robinson, Marketing Communications and Special Projects Manager, Green Hills Software

"Timothy Gozzano has been my IT support person for at least 10 years. In my experience he is the most capable computer resource I have used since 1980. If I have a problem, I can call him and have the problem resolved within 24 hours."
—Dennis G Orr, Architect

"Tim helped us out of all our original contracts, while making the whole process extremely simple. He got our internet usable and reliable for our clients, answering all of their service requests, and surpassing all our expectations."
—Nita Bakhda, Leasing Manager, The New Tahitian Apartments

"Tim is an integral part of my business in terms of all systems and equipment. He has always been accessible and responsive to all of our needs and understands the sense of urgency. He is very current with all systems, products and equipment in the market and will help keep your business ahead of its needs."
—MJ Bourgault, Retailer, Montecito

"Tim helped us solve problems that had been plaguing us for some time. Easy to work with, on time, effective!"
—Susan Caine, Sightline, Inc.

"Tim Gozzano has been my go-to IT person since 2007. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to make himself available at all hours including weekends. He is able to work remotely which is especially useful when something needs to be fixed quickly. Above all, Tim is extremely eager to understand my needs and is very eager to please."
—Evan Aptaker, Montecito Resident

"Tim, is not only knowledgeable but always accessible. He is very responsive when you need IT support which always seems to be at odd hours and times. It is a pleasure to work with him."
—Christi Sulzbach, Santa Barbara Resident

"Tim has helped me out more than once with computer problems and provided expertise and solutions that I never could have come up with myself. Plus, he's prompt, communicative, and reliable. Highly recommended."
—Catherine V, Santa Barbara Resident